IEC61850 ICD Designer

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Design & Manage your IED Model Efficiently

Our ICD Designer is a user-friendly tool to create and/or load files and configure intelligent electronic devices (IEDs). It allows the addition and edition of data type templates from NSD accordingly to the document version and revision, as well as the configuration of Header, Communication, Control Blocks, Data sets, Logical node parameter values, and more. Most configurations can be done by simple drag-and-drop operations. The tool also counts with Error/Warning messages of Model Integrity, Schema and NSD integrity accordingly with the IEC 61850. This tool is the most powerful extension of the IED Configurator, where not only does it have an easy user interface that allows the user to configure ICD files, but they have the power to create from scratch many different data type templates that fall within the IEC61850 protocol.

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UML-based Diagrams to prototype, reuse and manage Data Types

Extract CID from SCD exported by other tools or provided by third parties

Intelligent creation, model integrity auto detection and correction

Convert CID into standard compliant ICD Template files

• Predefined Values Configuration
• IED Protocol Settings
• Data Types Templates
• Upload Configuration to IED
• Data Set Configuration
• Convert to Configuration File
• History
• Control Block Configuration
• Communication System Configuration
• Services
• Substation

Single Seat License

Electronic or USB dongle license

ICD Designer is a professional SCL design and editing tool. It has a lot of advanced features to easily create standard compliant data models. It has extensive support for known domains. It is available as a hardware bound electronic license key or alternatively as USB Key.

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