IEC 61850 Protocol Library

iec61850 protocol library

Source Code Library (libIEC61850)

The IEC 61850 source code library enables a rapid and cost-effective implementation of IEC 61850 protocols (MMS, GOOSE, Sampled Values) into devices and applications. The APIs are designed to be very user-friendly. The core library is written in C (C99 compliant to ensure maximum portability). The hardware and platform-independent design allows seamless deployment on any platform.

iec61850 protocol library

Easy to use IEC 61850 oriented API

MMS, GOOSE, and Sampled Measured Values (SMV)

Support editions 1, 2, and 2.1 of the standard

Peer reviewed and secure source code

Configurable generation of server data models from SCL/CID file at runtime

C library (C99) with C and C#/.NET API standard

  • Souce code in C99
  • Tested and certified
  • MMS client/server
  • GOOSE publisher/subscriber
  • SV (Sampled Values) publisher/subscriber
  • C#/.NET wrapper
  • Compatible with Edition 1 and Edition 2 of the standard.
  • dynamic data model creation
  • object-oriented design in pure C
  • Platform abstraction layer allows for easy adaptation to new platforms and operating systems
  • Drivers for Linux/ucLinux, Windows, and MacOS/BSD
  • Tested on x86/x64, Coldfire, ARM 7/9, ARM Cortex-A/Cortex-M7, PowerPC, MIPS
  • Multiple threading options for server implementation (multi-threaded, single-threaded, non-threaded)
  • field proven and certified devices available
  • configurable generation of server data models from SCL/CID file at runtime with DataModelFactory (commercial version only)
  • MMS client/server, GOOSE (IEC 61850-8-1)
  • Sampled Values (SV – IEC 61850-9-2)
  • Support for buffered and unbuffered reports
  • Online report control block configuration
  • Data access service (get data, set data)
  • online data model discovery and browsing
  • all data set services (get values, set values, browse)
  • dynamic data set services (create and delete)
  • log service
  • MMS file services (browse, get file, set file, delete/rename file)
  • Setting group handling
  • Service tracking (v1.5)
  • GOOSE and SV control block handling
  • TLS support

The C# library allows to create a managed DLL component that can easily be deployed in .NET applications. It is a wrapper of the C library. It can be used to be integrated into GUI applications, SCADA systems …

  • Compatible with .NET and Mono
  • Runs on Windows, Linux and other platforms supported by .NET and Mono
  • Very easy to use API
  • Support for MMS client/server
  • Support for GOOSE/SV subscribers
  • Communications in Substations (MMS/GOOSE/SV)
  • Communications for Wind Power Plants (IEC 61400-25)
  • Communications for Decentralized Energy Resources (DER – IEC 61850-420)
  • Intelligent Electronic Devices (IED)
  • Measurement Devices
  • SCADA Systems
  • Monitoring
  • Test systems

Commercial License for IEC 61850 Protocol Library

For integration in commercial products a commercial license is required. With the commercial license you can develop and distribute your own closed source applications. In addition to the open-source version the commercial version also includes SCL/SCD/CID file parsers implemented in C and C#/.NET. With these parsers you can easily create server data models and configuration directly from SCL files. The commercial license is also required to get professional support and maintenance services. Buy some commercial license of IEC 61850 Protocol Library and get the SCL Viewer for FREE.

Open Source Version (Non Commercial Use)

The open-source version includes all essential parts of the library, including MMS client/server, GOOSE publisher/subscriber, and SMV publisher/subscriber. Also included are tools to convert SCL files into C source code, or server configuration files, and several examples for client and server applications. The open-source version is intended to be used for testing or research purposes only. You can use the open-source version to get started, learn about the protocols and applications and as a base for your own GPLv3 compliant open-source applications.

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