IEC61850 Library Version 1.5.3 Released

Written by Michael Zillgith

27. December 2023

Key Features and Improvements:
Optimized Config File Parsing: The config file parser has been refined to dynamically allocate line buffers, allowing multithreaded applications (#484).

– Parse time values in the model configuration file (LIB61850-426).

– Config File Generator Updates: Significant enhancements include additional code for GSEControl, expanded support for multiple access points for GOOSE and SMV control blocks, and the ability to integrate SMVCBs into config files (LIB61850-418, LIB61850-67).

– Extended MMS Server Support: The MMS server now supports write access with component alternate access (LIB61850-414).

– Configurability at its Core: Write access to RCB elements is now configurable according to ReportSettings (LIB61850-404).

– Local Address Definition: Introducing the IedConnection_setLocalAddress function, enabling the definition of the local IP address and, optionally, the local port of a client connection (LIB61850-378).

– ControlAction Functionality: The IED server has been fortified with new functions, ControlAction_getSynchroCheck and ControlAction_getInterlockCheck.

Bug Fixes:
– Resolved Dataset Challenges: Addressed issues related to the dataset not being released when RCB.Dataset is set to an empty string by the client (LIB61850-425).

– PAL Functionality Refinement: Corrected the order of function arguments for fread and fwrite functions in PAL.

– Memory Leak Mitigation: Identified and addressed potential memory leaks in the goose publisher code (#464).

For a detailed overview of these updates, please refer to our Changelog


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