New Release 1.1.1 of our IED Configurator

New Release: 1.1.1 of our IED Configurator

Today, MZ Automation has launched another update to our IED Configurator, version 1.1.1.

This update contains the following:

  • Substation and all of its element’s view, on the tree and on the properties.
  • Copy command allowed on the property’s fields
  • Copy object reference for IED (Intelligent Electronic Device) and its elements
  • NSD check with LdNS and lnNs
  • Update of NSD schema B2 to B3
  • More complete Data Attribute details – Predefined values (DAI)
  • Use local time Edit->Use local time menu option, so the DAI time picker uses the current time
  • On running time solve “Model Integrity” warning when there is no “Val” node on DAIs

We’re dedicated to empowering your configuration journey, and this update is a testament to our commitment. Your feedback is crucial, so dive in and let us know how the enhanced IED Configurator transforms your workflow!

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